Dandelion World Non-fiction – Reading and Writing Activities for Stages 8-15

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Phonic Books Dandelion World Stages 8-15 Reading and Writing Activities is a reproducible resource that accompanies Dandelion World Stages 8 15 non-fiction readers. It provides children with an engaging way to learn the five elements of reading: phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension.

The photocopiable activities in this book help children develop the skills underlying fluency in reading and spelling. Activities focus on blending, segmenting skills, supporting word building, comprehension, and early writing in a fun and accessible way for young children. New sounds are introduced at each of the stages whilst also reinforcing those learned previously. This systematic process helps the reader enjoy success at each stage and motivates them. The Dandelion World, Stages 8-15 Activities book and series of books can be used independently or with the other books in the Dandelion World series.

The progression in this book is:
Stage 8: CVCC
Stage 9: CCVC
Stage 10: CCVCC
Stage 11: ch
Stage 12: sh
Stage 13: th
Stage 14: ck and wh
Stage 15: nq and qu




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