About Us

Rise Literacy provides mobile specialist literacy intervention services in the Canberra region. This is delivered through tailored one-on-one intervention sessions at client homes or schools. Through strengthening your child’s literacy capabilities, we aim to enhance their confidence and enable them to access the entire curriculum in order to fully participate in their schooling endeavours.

Rise Literacy also provides consultation services to schools, organisations and individuals. We deliver bespoke professional development and training events across Australia. Follow up support is also provided through in-school coaching and the supply of resources that enhance effective instruction.


About James

James Lyra holds a Master of Learning Intervention (Honours) from the University of Melbourne. He is a registered early childhood teacher and paediatric occupational therapist with over 17 years experience. During this time, James has held roles as a classroom teacher, an occupational therapist and as literacy specialist at a large secondary school. James has also led the establishment of two early learning centres.

Raised in Perth, Western Australia, James now lives in Canberra, ACT where he is the Director of Rise Literacy. Prior to COVID, James traveled extensively throughout Australia, delivering high quality professional learning to teachers and allied health professionals. The complementary nature of his qualifications and experience in both education and occupational therapy enables James to bring a rich and dynamic perspective to the professional learning that he provides. He is able to provide participants with a variety of conceptual frameworks to support children’s learning in the classroom or intervention setting.




James is the most outstanding Occupational Therapist I have ever engaged with, to support my daughters’ disability needs. James brings experience, expertise and enthusiasm to his work that is inspiring and infectious. The use of Sounds-Write and a number of other programs that James has provided over several years now, has achieved transformational results in my daughter. The main approach he uses is Sounds-Write which has supported my child immensely. Her skills and abilities in reading and spelling have grown at a pace that could not possibly be achieved with another tool. James’ intricate knowledge of Sounds-Write and his training and support of our therapy assistants has allowed us to provide support on a daily basis, a model that I highly recommend.
I cannot thank James enough, but I know that he too, shares my joy in my daughter’s journey and our optimism for her future. I am also confident that he will be with us and continue to provide outstanding service as long as is needed. Most importantly my daughter loves James and the work she does with him. She is happy to do the work and she is proud of her own growth and achievements. What parents could ask for more!! 
Thank you James!!