The Island Adventure Series (10 books)

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Jack and his little sister, Snub, are visiting Gran and Grandpa. Gran is a wildlife photographer and she takes Jack out to take pictures of the local animals on the remote island where she lives. An accident brings them closer together, but a subsequent calamity will be the start of an exciting quest, changing all their lives forever.

Phonic Books Island Adventure introduces alternative vowel spellings. Island Adventure comprises 10 books and follows the same phonic progression as Phonic Books Dragon Eggs, Phonic Books Talisman 1 and Phonic Books Rescue and can be used in parallel to consolidate phonemic knowledge and reading skills.

Book 1: Saving the Day (ay, ai, a, a-e, ea, ey)
Book 2: Sea C hange (ee, ea, y, e, ie, e-e, ei)
Book 3: C oast to C oast (ow, oa, oe, o-e, o)
Book 4: A World Away (er, ir, ur, or, ear)
Book 5: Sounds and Shadows (ow, ou & oi, oy)
Book 6: A Shrewd Route (oo, ue, u-e, ew, ou, u)
Book 7: An Amazing Find (igh, ie, i-e, i, y)
Book 8: Awesome Morning (a, aw, awe, au, al, ough)
Book 9: Don’t Be Scared (air, are, ear, ere, eir)
Book 10: Arty Party (ar, a, al, au, ear)


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