That Dog! Series (12 books)

Phonic Books UK

Ben has always wanted a dog. One day a scruffy stray follows him home. Will he get to keep him?

This action-packed story takes the reader from CVC and CVCC word text through to alternative consonants, consonant diagraphs and suffixes -ed and -ing.

Phonic Books That Dog! comprises 12 decodables for older readers who can read simple CVC words. That Dog! shares the same phonic progression as Phonic Books Magic Belt and can be used in parallel to consolidate phonemic knowledge and reading skills.

Book 1: The Ramp (CVC , CVCC )
Book 2: The Lost Dog (CVCC )
Book 3: No Dogs! (CVCC )
Book 4: Drop It! (CCVC and -ed)
Book 5: Ben Gets Strict (CCVCC )
Book 6: Catch Me! (ch and tch)
Book 7: Fishing (sh)
Book 8: Cherished Things (th)
Book 9: Good and Bad Luck (ck and qu)
Book 10: The Long, Thin Boat (ng)
Book 11: Shopping for Props (wh and -ing)
Book 12: Dog in Trouble (le)


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