Dandelion Readers (U11-20) – Set 1 ‘Pip Gets Rich’

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Phonic Books Dandelion Readers Set 1 Units 11-20 Pip Gets Rich (two letter spellings sh, ch, th, ng, qu, wh, -ed, -ing, -le) comprises ten books and is aimed at children in Reception to Year 2.

Each book introduces adjacent consonants (consonant diagraphs).

Each unit introduces new letters/sounds while supporting previously taught phonic letters/sounds and high-frequency words.

Unit 11: Pip Gets Rich (ch)
Unit 12: “Hush!” (sh)
Unit 13: The Path up the Hill (th)
Unit 14: The Trick (ck)
Unit 15: The Ring (ng)
Unit 16: The Quest (qu and ve)
Unit 17: When Meg Was a Pup (wh and two syllables)
Unit 18: A Wicked Snack (-ed and two syllables)
Unit 19: Sinking Sand (-ing and two syllables)
Unit 20: The Paddle (-le and two syllables)


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