Dandelion Extended Code Readers Level 4 (14 books) ‘Toad and Newt’

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Phonic Books Dandelion Readers Vowel Spellings Level 4 Toad and Newt comprises 14 books and is aimed at children in Reception to Year 2.

Each book introduces alternative spellings for vowels and consonants, alternative sounds for the spelling c and g and common Latin suffixes.

Book 1: Toad and Newt (ue, u-e, ew, u)
Book 2: Fred Gets in Trouble (u, ou, o)
Book 3: Australia (o, a, ou, au)
Book 4: Five Excited Mice (s, ss, se, st, sc, c, ce)
Book 5: Carrots and C elery (c)
Book 6: The Camel (l, ll, el, il, al, le, ol)
Book 7: The Ginger Cat (j, g, ge, dge)
Book 8: George (g)
Book 9: Steph, the Elephant (f, ff, gh, ph)
Book 10: A Grand Adventure (-ture)
Book 11: The Inspection (-tion)
Book 12: Viv’s Profession (-ssion, -cian)
Book 13: The Treasure Hunt (-sure)
Book 14: Alien Invasion (-sion).


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