Dandelion Extended Code Readers Level 2 (14 books) ‘Viv Wails’

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Phonic Books Dandelion Readers Vowel Spellings Level 2 Viv Wails comprises 14 books and is aimed at children in Reception to Year 2.

Each book introduces two to three alternative spellings for each vowel sound.

Book 1: Viv Wails (ai, ay, a)
Book 2: Sweet Dream (ee, e, ea)
Book 3: Toad Moans and Groans (oa, o, ow)
Book 4: Meg Gets Dirty (ur, er, ir)
Book 5: Raj Bumps His Head (ea, e, ai)
Book 6: The Tree House (ow, ou)
Book 7: The Blue Scooter (b/oo/t: ew, ue)
Book 8: I Spy (igh, i, y)
Book 9: The Bush (l/oo/k: oul, u)
Book 10: Dan Draws a Monster (o,r, a, aw)
Book 11: Roy, the Cowboy (oi, oy)
Book 12: Trip to the Farm (ar, a, al)
Book 13: Careless Fairy (air, are, ere)
Book 14: Max, the Meerkat (ear, eer, ere)


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