Dandelion Extended Code Readers Level 1 (14 books) ‘The Mail’

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Phonic Books Dandelion Readers Vowel Spellings Level 1 The Mail comprises 14 books and is aimed at children in Reception to Year 2.

Each book introduces one vowel spelling for each vowel sound (vowel diagraphs).

Book 1: The Mail (ai)
Book 2: The Tree (ee)
Book 3: Raj Gets a Soak (oa)
Book 4: My Turn (ur)
Book 5: Bread and Jam (ea)
Book 6: Mr Brown (ow)
Book 7: Zoom! (oo)
Book 8: The Night Flight (igh)
Book 9: In the Wood (oo)
Book 10: The Fort (or)
Book 11: Oil (oi)
Book 12: Too Far (ar)
Book 13: Fairy Wings (air)
Book 14: Dear Old Friends (ear).


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