Titan’s Gauntlets Series (10 books)

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One day, Finn is fishing in the ocean when he is caught up in a violent storm. Before he knows what has happened, he finds himself on a strange island, talking to an even stranger bird. He discovers he has been chosen to stop the evil Winged One from destroying the world. With the help of a pair of magic gauntlets, Finn must awaken the dormant Titan. Can he harness the power of the gauntlets? Is he really The Chosen One? Can he save the world before it is too late?

Titan’s Gauntlets contains 10 imaginative stories with fantastic illustrations. They introduce further alternative vowel and consonant spellings and common Latin suffixes. Titan’s Gauntlets follows on from the Talisman Series and offers increasingly challenging texts for children who are coming to grips with the complex spellings of English. Sixteen full-colour pages in each book will stimulate and engage the older reader.

Book 1: ‘ue’: u, ue, u-e
Book 2: ‘u’: u, o, uo
Book 3: ‘s’: s, ss, se, c, ce
Book 4: ‘l’: l, ll, le, al
Book 5:’j’: j, g, ge
Book 6: ‘f’: f, ff, ph
Book 7: ‘cher’: ture
Book 8: ‘shun’: tion
Book 9: ‘shul’: cial, tial
Book 10: ‘zhun’: sion


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