Sounds-Write Extended Code Readers – First Steps Collection (10 books)


The series is a continuation of our First Steps Collection. It covers Units 1, 2, 4, 6, 7, 8, 10, 11, 12 & 14 of the Extended Code. The collection will be perfect for children who are taking their first steps into the Extended Code. The simple sentence structures and short word counts will help to introduce children to Extended Code sounds and spellings without overloading them. The 10-book series is based on children and their hobbies.

The books are matched to the Sounds-Write Units in the Extended Code.

The books included in this collection are:
Extended Code Unit 1 /ae/ – Kate Bakes
Extended Code Unit 2 /ee/ – Lee Reads
Extended Code Unit 4 /oe/ – Flo Rows
Extended Code Unit 6 /er/ – Earl’s Words
Extended Code Unit 7 /e/ – Ali’s Chess Set
Extended Code Unit 8 /ow/ – Tao’s Trek
Extended Code Unit 10 /oo/ as in moon – Charity’s Flute
Extended Code Unit 11 /ie/ – Tess’s Bike Race
Extended Code Unit 12 /oo/ as in book – Jack Camps in the Woods
Extended Code Unit 14 /u/ – Doug’s Cousin


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